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Thursday, July 7, 2011

GEEK ATTACK – New City, N.Y. (1984 to 1985)

GEEK ATTACK – New City, N.Y. (1984 to 1985)

The history of Rockland County Punk and Hardcore is an enigmatic one at best. While a few bands (ie –Borscht) left their mark for the world to remember, many other contemporary bands existed slightly below the surface, yet….all the while making equally important and viable music during those early halycion days of the scene. We will be chronicling many of these bands throughout this blog, but at this point…..let me introduce you to the amazing Geek Attack.

When rabid Borscht fans would rush the group after a show, to tell them how great they were, the guy’s in Borscht referred to it as the “Geek Attack”. When those same fans would later form a short lived hardcore group of there own, Phil suggested they call themselves “Geek Attack” (Phil also produced a skateboard fanzine with the same name).

Geek Attack consisted of Dan Derella (Underdog, Mr. Wolfe’s Cleaning Service) on guitar, Paul Martin on vocals, Rob Garbus on bass, and Eddie O’Dowd (Toilet Boys, Psychic TV) on drums. They would go on to play only 4 live shows in the summer of 1984, two at the old Anthrax (CT), and two local house parties. Their last show was a party in Rob's basement while his parents were out of town. Crippled Youth (BOLD) also played that show. In attendance were CT hardcore stalwarts Ray of Today and Porcell, as well as a boatload of punks from NYC, including Billy Psycho, Sebastian, Renison and Jennifer Paz. Rob's parents still don't believe it.

Dan Derella would go on to play guitar in the legendary NY hardcore band "Underdog". Early Underdog shows included the Geek Attack song "Coco Puffs" in the set list.

Like many hardcore bands, the group had more enthusiasm than talent. Band members learned how to play their instruments as they wrote songs and rehearsed.
The group proved influential in inspiring others without musical ability to pick up guitars and make noise. After all, if they are doing it, how hard could it be?

Chris Skelly & Rob Garbus

Live at The Anthrax