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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Disillusion ( NYHC ) - West Nyack NY 1988

I knew very little about Disillusion. I came across a flyer and ordered the "Step Back!" 1988 demo, and loved it. They knew At All Cost - I knew that. There was a guy named Fabio that was supposedly the new drummer after this demo came out. He went to my high school and was a year above me. He used to alternate between being relatively cool to me and being a total dick. One time at Ben and Jerry's in the Spring Valley Marketplace he went the dick route. He was there with the singer of Disillusion who, according to my memories of it, looked like the picture of Scott Ruth on the back of the first Ripping Corpse album. And just as nuts. No offense to Scott, he's probably a nice guy and totally sane.

I remember sitting by the wall in a booth and Fabio punching me in the shoulder for no reason and laughing, and the singer grinning that crazy grin. Maybe they were on dust, who knows. Seemed everyone but me was in those days. I was real scrawny then, I didn't get tall and anything resembling meat on my bones until college, so I just took it. Plus, they were in Disillusion and I was a big fan. Maybe I was honored in a way. I was friends with his younger sister and told her that he was real mean to me and I guess she tore him a new ass because I had no problems after that. Man, there goes my street cred.

Anyway, I have hunted high and low for info on Disillusion online and nothing. There's another band with the same name out there now doing who knows what. I still can sing these tunes from memory. Not nearly as polished or talented as the guys in At All Cost, but twice as lugheaded and there was something cool about that. I think maybe that they bullied me made it seem even more thuggish and appealing. That's hardcore for you. I think it was Mark from the band, the guitarist, that I exchanged letters with a few times. I ordered a shirt but never actually got it. If anyone from Disillusion's out there, hit me up, even if you used to hit me. No hard feelings, but if you want to go shot for shot just for fun, I'm down. Plus I'd like to get my eight bucks back. I have no idea if they released anything else, but if so, I'd love to hear it...Greg S.

Disillusion Demo 1988

Step Back
Mark My Words
Learn A Thing or Two
Remain Free
My Pride


  1. Mark the guitarist in Disillusion went on to join At All Cost and then formed Atlas Shrugged after the demise of At All Cost. I would also say it is safe to Assume that Mark drew up the Disillusion demo tape cover as well as the At All Cost 1990 demo cover...Dave G.

  2. Wow this is an awesome find. Great and funny write up as well. Yah I played guitar in this band and I'm anxious to download and listen to this again. It's been probably 15 years since I have. Although I don't think we ever had shirts, but I'll gladly reimburse you your 8 dollars.

    And no, I never hit you. =)


  3. Aww, man. I know you didn't. No worries about the eight bucks. I just wish I had a Disillusion shirt! I saved EVERYTHING from back in the day. Still a great demo...