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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Atlas Shrugged - Nyack, N.Y. (1992 - 1998)

Since forming in 1992 ATLAS SHRUGGED has and always will be about friendship and the collective emotional release of their music. While the majority of the band was raised in the ever growing NY Hardcore scene of the late 80's, when forming ATLAS SHRUGGED they chose to take that anger and rage found in their beloved NY scene and add melody and deep routed emotion to it. There were no songs about gang violence, being stabbed in the back or political policies. Instead topics of alienation, lost love and the emotional train wreck that was their lives was set forth in the songs they crafted.

Atlas Shrugged had many ups and downs in their 6 year run, and though they never quite caught on to any specific sub-genre in the hardcore scene Atlas Shrugged still managed to share the stage with everyone from NYHC stalwarts like Madball, Warzone and Killing Time to metalcore legends All Out War and Hatebreed to post-hardcore acts such as Orange 9mm and Shift. However, Atlas Shrugged always seemed to find themselves somewhere in the middle standing on their own as they were never quite tough enough for the hardcore kids and perhaps too hard and heavy for the post-hardcore crowd of the time.

As all things must come to an end, ATLAS SHRUGGED bid the world farewell in 1998 with members moving to different areas of the United States to explore new paths in their lives...
The new millennium saw reunions in 2002, 2007 and again in 2008 that brought out a whole new generation of kids that missed ATLAS SHRUGGED the first time around..

Dave G.


Demo [1992] self released cassette..
The Last Season LP [1994](....Trip Machine Laboratories....)
Split w/ New Day Rising 7" [1996] (Moo Cow Records)
We Don't Stand a Chance 7" [1997] (....Trip Machine Laboratories....)
Old Familiar Face 7" [1998] (Moo Cow Records/Fist Held High Records)
Vigilante Songs CD demo [1998/2007] (....Trip Machine Laboratories....)
Compilation - Point/Counterpoint Tape -Inside Front Fanzine [1995]..
Compilation - Call For Unity 2 -Back Ta Basics [1997]
Compilation - Down For The Core 5 - Back Ta Basics [2007]


Purchase Atlas Shrugged from Trip Machine Laboratories.
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Atlas Shrugged Myspace

I've been told that there is a complete discography cd in the works as well so keep your eye on Trip Machine Laboratories for details.


  1. Really great band that didn't get the regonition they deserved. I 've got the demo and the last season lp and they are great. i was not aware they had that many recordings out.Thanks

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